MECC – Make Every Contact Count

MECC is an approach to behaviour change that uses everyday conversations between organisations and people, to help support them to make positive changes towards a healthy lifestyle. MECC conversations can be started in a wide range of settings by both public facing staff and by volunteers. MECC training ensures teams are equipped to have brief conversations with others about their health and wellbeing and are confident to signpost people to further advice and support.

Dianne Roberts at Surrey Community Action is now a MECC trainer and can offer MECC level 1 training to organisations and groups who may be interested. The course can be offered on zoom or Face to Face and lasts three hours. MECC is not an add-on to what staff/ volunteers already do. Instead, it is a style or a way of approaching and structuring a conversation so that it is brief and effective.

MECC training benefits staff/volunteers by providing them with an opportunity for development, enabling them to feel valued and supported, improving their own awareness of health and wellbeing, and increasing their knowledge and motivation.

Service users gain personal and tailored support, show improved confidence, motivation and wellbeing, and reduced health inequalities, as a result of MECC conversations.

For further information or to book a training session contact:

Dianne Roberts: [email protected] or ring 07864 – 060205

TUES 19th March 2024 from 12.30 to 3.30pm in person at ASTOLAT.