FREE training for volunteers providing telephone support

The Faculty of Healthy Conversation Skills, comprising Health Psychologists and Public Health practitioners, are offering free online training to volunteers and workforces who are providing telephone support to people affected by Covid-19. The training will facilitate the development of practical skills in having ‘supportive conversations’ to help people’s wellbeing.

The Making Every Contact Count (MECC) Healthy Conversation Skills training programme has been delivered to over 5,000 people working in frontline workforces in the UK from the NHS, Local Government and Voluntary and Community Sectors, and is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. It has also been delivered globally to
workforces in South Africa, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

The Faculty of Healthy Conversation Skills is offering support to  volunteer workforces who are providing telephone
support to those affected by the current pandemic. Our offer is to provide free short online training providing practical skills for ‘supportive conversations’ informed by evidence-based behaviour change approaches. We recognise that whilst the UK is responding to the coronavirus, there are great physical and psychological implications to individuals, and that many organisations provide key support. This short training would equip your volunteer
workforces with additional skills to provide this important support.

Healthy Conversation Skills training develops skills to provide solution-focused support to empower people to feel more in control of their situation, providing them with a sense of increased self-efficacy. The training is based on communication skills which allow the individual being supported to explore an issue, identify barriers, generate solutions and set goals that can be reviewed. Our evaluations to date show that the training has increased
confidence and competence of practitioners providing support to people without feeling they need to be an expert.

We can tailor our established Healthy Conversation Skills training to suit your service. Our offer is to support your team to feel equipped, confident and competent to support those in need through a 90 minute online training session.

Please do get in touch to register your organisation’s interest in the MECC/Healthy Conversation Skills training programme to train the workforce to have “supportive conversations” with service users. We are confident that this training will make a difference to those needing extra support during this time and will provide teams with effective skills to conduct this important work.

To find out more or to access the training, contact