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Surrey Compact

The Compact Codes

Working with Communities Code

Guidance on community groups, what they do, how they operate and how they are different from other voluntary organisations, so the right conditions can be created to enable community groups to feel supported, thrive and succeed.

The Equality and Diversity Code

Guidance on recognising the importance of equality, diversity and human rights, their role in maintaining a prosperous and cohesive society, and helping to develop effective methods so all groups can get involved.

Funding and Procurement Code

Support to set out a framework for financial relationships and set out the undertakings of both sides based on what each can expect from the other, consistent with the funding bodies’ duty to achieve value for money, principles in accounting, and European Union procurement law.

Volunteering Code

A summary of best practice around attracting, supporting, training and retaining volunteers, outlining key principles and specific actions to help organisations develop, maintain and increase volunteering, and deal with new developments as they arise.

Communication, Consultation and Engagement Code

Support to improve engagement between organisations and the communities they serve by encouraging and improving local engagement and making a positive impact on the way in which the public, voluntary and community sectors consult and communicate on policy and other matters.

Positive Disputes Resolution Code

Support for if things go wrong, so that problems can be resolved quickly, positively and constructively.

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