State of the Sector 2016

In the summer of 2016, 375 community organisations and stakeholders across Surrey, participated in our research into the voluntary sector; where it is now and where it needs to be in the future.

The research, via online questionnaires and telephone interviews, gives us an insight into the projected needs of the community in the future, recognising that we need to challenge past and present assumptions, develop innovative solutions and keep a real focus on the changing needs of the communities in Surrey.

The research revealed that:
•    Surrey’s voluntary sector is increasingly working with a diverse range of beneficiaries
•    providing information, advice and guidance is the most frequent type of service given by voluntary groups across Surrey
•    poverty, deprivation, emotional support and isolation are all considered to be current issues facing people within our area
•    37% of organisations said that they work across the county. Only 4% of voluntary sector groups work within their specific locality
•    funding remains a key factor in the future of the sector. This trend was then reinforced in the conference with 51% of attendees feeling that funding was a top 3 issue for their charity.
•    with a drop in funding expecting by many, 68% feel that they expect to see the needs of their beneficiaries increase.  This equation therefore highlights an imbalance between capacity and need.
•    it is not all doom and gloom., with many voluntary sector peers wanting collaboration to help provide the best service to people that require our support.

You can find an overview of the survey results in our summary document and detailed findings in our full report.

We can present the research, tailored to reflect your interest, to groups, Boards of Trustees or other audiences, either in written or verbal presentations.  Costs may apply, but contact us for further information or to discuss your needs.

Beyond Tomorrow Conference 2016

Over 100 representatives from Surrey’s voluntary sector attended our Beyond Tomorrow conference to hear a range of speakers from local, regional and national organisations share their views on the current state of the sector and give presentations on their vision of the needs of Surrey future. They included:

•    Debra Allcock-Tyler, Chief Executive of the Directory for Social Change on the role of the voluntary sector
•    Fiona Edwards, CEO of Surrey Borders NHS Foundation Trust on mental health
•    Di Cheeseman, Age UK Surrey, on an ageing population
•    Maria Zealey, Surrey Welfare Rights Unit, on financial exclusion and poverty
•    Amanda Dubarry, CEO of Step by Step on homelessness
•    Nick Davies, Public Services Manager of NCVO on redefining the Third Sector
•    Tony Okotie, CEO of Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services on powerful partnerships
•    Jon Clemo, CEO of Norfolk RCC on setting the agenda in Norfolk
•    Helen Atkinson, Strategic Director for Adult Social Care at Surrey County Council View on their view of the future

Copies of the presentations can be downloaded below.