Our small businesses need you!

Our small businesses need you!

As the Coronavirus changes the economic landscape, Surrey Community Action’s Inspiring Enterprise team are working hard to support their budding businesses as their business ventures face dormancy virtually overnight. For some there are some possible ways to adapt and respond to the new needs of their market. For others, it has been crippling.

The Inspiring Enterprise project* offers free support to help people develop the ideas, confidence and skills they need to become self-employed or set up a social enterprise.

Small businesses make up a large percentage of our economy, whether they are businesses with premises or ones without. Some of those will be eligible for the £10k government support grant (£25k for hospitality establishments) and others, nothing. The chancellor has announced a new package of support for the self-employed so we’ll be advising our clients about what they may be eligible for as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we’re backing our businesses and doing all we can to help them to survive. Some of our enterprising entrepreneurs are now offering their services online, by post or remotely in whatever way possible. Take a look at what they have to offer and please support them if you can. Thank you!

Poppy Filopoulos

Poppy recently started her business as a life coach. She likes to meet people in person but during these difficult times of social isolation where we cannot meet, it is still easy for you to meet with her over the internet for a regular session. This is something which is particularly valuable at a time like this when social distancing is causing us all mental health challenges and we need coping mechanisms. If you would like to get in touch with her and start life coaching, take a look at her website and email her to book a session for an informal chat: https://www.poppyfilopoulos.com/

Henry Garnett

Henry is an incredible portrait painter. All he needs is a photograph and he can create stunning oil paintings. He is developing his profile as an artist not just through his artwork but also through the music he writes to accompany his paintings. His approach is fascinating and his material is beautiful. If you would like a unique painting of yourself, a loved one, your hero or maybe your team, please get in contact with him here: acgarnett.mgt@gmail.com

Emma Gaymer of Bamboo Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Emma is a very talented sales and marketing consultant with many years of experience in the hospitality industry. With the sector being hit very hard at this time, it has been devastating for everyone working in this field. The silver lining is that this is the perfect time whilst business is quiet to prepare for your future. It offers the chance to adapt and find the opportunities now to market your way out of this situation once the Corona Virus isolation time is over. Emma has a proven track record in forming a marketing strategy that delivers sustainable business growth. Take a look at her website and call her for an informal chat.

Rochelle Wood of Sense Cheq

Through the creation of Sense Cheq Ltd, Rochelle has put her years of experience in the Defence sector to excellent use by developing and equipping sports teams and business staff with vital personal skills to enable the highest of performance. In these difficult times, she may not be able to coach in person but that doesn’t stop her! Rochelle is a strong presence offering exceptional leadership to unite your team and set them on a path of high achievement. Take a look at her website: https://www.sensecheq.com/

Ihnasiyah Gallery

Keith at Ihnasiyah Gallery specialises in the ethical sourcing of authentic archaeological artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe and the Near East from Prehistory to the Medieval Period. Visit his website to find out more: https://www.trocadero.com/stores/ihnasiyahgallery/

*Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund, the programme is focused on supporting people who are not currently working including the long term unemployed, lone parents, carers, people with health conditions or disabilities, older workers and people in minority groups.

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