Surrey Impact Framework

The Surrey Impact Framework is a free management tool, developed as part of the Transforming Local Infrastructure Funded “Supporting the Front Line” project, which has been designed especially to help VCFS organisations in Surrey take a fresh look at their operations.

It uses a simple process, beginning by thinking about the difference the organisation’s services will make, who they are aimed at and then reviewing and measuring outcomes and impact. By working through the process, an organisation can improve practice and demonstrate impact in an effective way, evidencing the benefits it brings to service users and to the community as a whole.

This information can then be shared with other Surrey organisations and presented in a format recognised by Surrey Commissioners.


The framework enables organisations to:

  • Adopt an outcomes approach to their work
  • Provide evidence to funders that they are following good practice
  • It can be applied to a whole organisation or to an individual project
  • The framework starts with the planning stage and ends with reflection on what has been achieved and how services can be adapted to improve outcomes and efficiencies
  • A template has been designed to help organisations use the framework, helping and embed the Framework’s methodology at each stage and to capture the main findings.

Please click on the following links to take you to the Surrey Impact Framework template and supporting documents:

The Surrey Impact Framework

Impact Template

Stakeholder Exercise
(refer to sections 1 & 4 of the template)

Guide to Planning your Services
(refer to section 2 of the template)

Example Indicators and Targets
(refer to section 3 of the template)

Principles of Good Impact Reporting
(refer to section 4 of the template)


If you would like help with using the Surrey Impact Framework and accompanying template, please contact Surrey Community Action or your local CVS, who have staff who have been trained to support you.

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