Has your #rural community pulled together this year?

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) is working with a major broadcaster to gather stories of inspiring rural community projects where residents have helped each other through the pandemic.

If your rural community has a story to share, please send us a short video clip telling us what happened
2020 has been a tough year. Many lives, jobs and businesses have been lost. But one positive that can be taken from the crisis is the resilience and spirit of cooperation demonstrated by so many rural communities.

As we head into the festive period, we want to showcase some inspiring stories where rural communities took it upon themselves to organise and develop local responses to the pandemic. This could be anything from volunteers running errands for vulnerable neighbours to village halls that worked tirelessly over the summer months to reopen in compliance with Covid Secure rules.

If your rural community has a story to share, please send us a short video clip telling us what happened.

We want to feature as many of these videos as possible on our social media channels. And if you are happy for us to do so, we can send your clips to a major broadcaster for inclusion in a special Christmas TV programme celebrating community resilience throughout the pandemic…

Don’t worry if you’ve never produced a video before. It is easy to take footage with a smart phone and we don’t need it to be particularly long or look very professional. Here are a few pointers:

The video should be taken on a smartphone in ‘selfie’ mode, (hold the phone yourself – it’s fine if only your face is showing), with the phone held in ‘landscape’ not ‘portrait’ (make sure it’s on its side!)
The video should ideally be taken outside – it would be great to feature locations relevant to your story
The clip doesn’t need to be long – 30 seconds is fine – just a few sentences on how you’ve pushed through as a volunteer this year
Finally, once you have told us your story, please wait for a few seconds then say, “Merry Christmas!!” (smiling if possible!) into the camera at the end. This is because the broadcaster we are working with would like to finish with a screen that shows all of the clips in miniature where everyone says this together – so don’t worry if you feel silly as you won’t be alone on the screen!
For more inspiration on how to prepare a simple video, please take a look at this quick video guide prepared by Community Action Northumberland.

If you wish your video to be featured by the broadcaster, please make sure this reaches us by Thursday 3 December.

To send your video:

On your phone, go to www.wetransfer.com
Click ‘Send a file’
Click on the + symbol to ‘add a file’
Click ‘photo library’
Select your video and click “add” in the top right corner
Click ‘Next’
Select ‘Send an email’ and click ‘Next’
Under ‘Email to’ enter ‘p.vincent@acre.org.uk’, and then enter your own email in the box below
Click ‘Transfer’
Sometimes a code will be sent to your email address for verification. If so please check your email and enter the code if prompted
Wait a few seconds for the transfer to complete – the page will say “You’re done!”