Volunteering Code (Surrey Compact)

The aim of the Surrey Compact Volunteering Code is to draw on current best practice around attracting, supporting, training and retaining volunteers. It sets a benchmark by providing key principles and specific actions to help organisations develop, maintain and increase volunteering, and deal with new developments as they arise.

Working with Communities Code (Surrey Compact)

This code of practice aims to promote a better understanding of the work of community groups within the wider voluntary, community and faith sector in Surrey.

Funding and Procurement Code (Surrey Compact)

This code is for everyone within Surrey involved in public funding whether distributing, applying for or receiving funding. This includes a growing role for joint work with the private sector. It is recognised that needs of small and medium enterprises are often similar to the VCFS.

Positive Disputes Code (Surrey Compact)

This code sets out what is expected of our signatories if a complaint is made about compliance with the Surrey Compact, and what the Surrey Compact Implementation Custodian Group (SCCG) will do to help resolve disputes.

Equality and Diversity Code (Surrey Compact)

This code will help to ensure that the different communities of Surrey can get involved. The code confirms the commitment of  partners to have due regard for Surrey’s residents facing inequalities including those with the ‘protected characteristics’ covered by the 2010 Equalities Act.

Communications, Consultation and Engagement Code (Surrey Compact)

The Communication, Consultation and Engagement Code builds on the Surrey Compact principles and codes. It sets a benchmark of good practice for groups and organisations supporting the Surrey Compact. Its impact comes from the commitment of organisations in all sectors to support and use it. The purpose of this code on Communication, Consultation and Engagement is to improve engagement between organisations and the communities they serve.

Surrey Compact Guide

The Surrey Compact builds relationships between the voluntary, community and faith sector and public authorities in Surrey