Rural Community Council

Surrey Community Action acts as the Rural Community Council (RCC) for Surrey.

We are a member of the Rural Community Action Network across England and we work with our partners over the borders in Hampshire and Sussex as well as others, to provide comprehensive links across geographical areas and between grass roots activity and national advocacy.  We aim to:

  • Support community-led action and strong local governance
  • Increase the long-term sustainability of local community life
  • Influence policies and services, particularly to achieve equity for rural communities

You can see our work in action across the towns and villages of Surrey with Community Buildings, Voluntary Car Schemes, Good Neighbour Schemes and Rural Housing and using our influence with the Surrey Rural Partnership.

Surrey RCC is a member of the Rural Community Action Network (RCAN), the collective name for 38 county based organisations and their national umbrella body, ACRE. Rural Community Action Network members are charitable local development agencies, generally based at county level, which support and enable initiatives in rural communities.