Affordable Rural Housing

With the average price of a home in Surrey costing over £484K (almost 14 times the average annual income), the impact on our rural areas is becoming even more pronounced.

On average rural homes cost 30% more than those in urban areas, so many young people are either having to relocate to find an affordable home or remain living with their parents.

Many of our rural villages now have an unbalanced social and economic mix with mainly older or wealthy householders.

If we want our communities to remain vibrant and prevent the loss of local services and facilities such as schools and shops, then it is important that our rural communities remain accessible to younger people and working families, not just the retired and wealthy.

In 2006, Surrey Community Action along with Waverley Borough Council, Guildford Borough Council, Mole Valley District Council, Tandridge District Council, Mount Green Housing Association and English Rural Housing Association formed the Surrey Rural Housing Group to work with local communities, to increase the supply of rural affordable housing, enabling local people on modest incomes to remain or return to the village.

Since then we have worked with 50 Parish Councils to facilitate the building of 170 homes in rural areas in Surrey.

As part of this process we:

• Conduct housing needs surveys
• Work with Parish Councils to explore how best to meet identified need
• Liaise with all relevant bodies to identify possible sites
• Facilitate community consultations
• Act as an honest broker between all parties, ensuring the voice of the community is heard.

Please contact Louise Williams, Rural Housing Enabler, for more information on 01483 447141

More useful information about affordable rural housing can be found here: