Inspiring Enterprise case study: Margarita Madrid – calm + curious

Margarita Madrid believes passionately in empowering and inspiring people. Once a corporate product manager, now she helps people change their mindset, become more positive, and achieve what they want from life.

“I found the corporate world to be unfulfilling and stressful and I longed to find a new direction which was aligned to my values and passions. Now I am on a mission to help others to also lead a happier, more fulfilling life.”

It was soon after leaving her job that Margarita, who has a master’s degree in psychology, read about the Inspiring Enterprise project and decided to sign up for support last year.

“I attended the Enterprise Essentials Workshop which was brilliant because I was really starting from scratch as an entrepreneur and it was a good introductory workshop,” says Margarita. She has also had regular one-to-one sessions with Surrey Community Action’s Inspiring Enterprise business mentor, Graeme Ross, who has helped keep her on track with the launch of her business ‘Calm + Curious’ and offered her insights into the world of self-employment.

“You have to have help as you can’t do it all alone. One of the things I’ve learnt to say is yes and be open to new ideas.” says Margarita. She has also found the networking opportunities offered by Inspiring Enterprise to be useful and now regularly meets up with other participants whom she met on the workshop.

“We call ourselves the Inspiring Ladies group!” says Margarita. “It’s another source of support for me and a great way of sharing knowledge or a hug when needed.”

Margarita now runs both group and 1:1 sessions, either face-to-face or online. She helps people to learn self-improvement techniques to recognize and release mental blockers which are stopping them in achieving a happier and more fulfilled life.

“Sometimes we are so stressed and anxious that we feel stuck and helpless,” says Margarita. “My positive psychology toolkit and scientifically-proven methods help to change this negative mindset and provides the motivation to take action.”

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Margarita, who says one of the hardest things was taking the initial plunge to give up work and start her own business. “You have to overcome the stories you are telling yourself that are hindering you, such as ‘You must have a 9-5 job’.”

She continues: “You need to find what you are passionate about and realise that you can change direction at any time in your life.”

Since starting Calm + Curious Margarita has also found that she has needed to be open to change and says anyone starting a new business needs to be willing to trying different ideas and approaches. “Your business plan isn’t written in stone, you get new insights that make you change,” she says. “Things evolve as you go along, so don’t stop and be prepared for lots of surprises along the way. It’s very exciting!”

Graeme Ross, Inspiring Enterprise Trainer and Mentor, adds: “Margarita has been very brave to take a step away from the corporate world to start her own business. She has done so in a very considered manner carefully evaluating her options at each stage while still being open to new ideas and influences. She has also been an inspiration to other participants she has got to know through the Inspiring Enterprise project.”

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“You have to have help as you can’t do it all alone. One of the things I’ve learnt to say is yes and be open to new ideas.”

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