Join our Covid-19 staff exchange

Do you have staff who could be redeployed as volunteers within the sector?

Do you have staffing gaps due to illness or increased demand?

We can help you to manage your staffing needs.  Join our Covid-19 staff exchange.

Surrey Community Action is co-ordinating a project to help voluntary, community and faith organisations in Surrey manage their staffing needs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You may have staff that have some spare capacity, but aren’t technically eligible for furlough along the government guidelines.  Would you be willing to allow your staff to work on Covid-19 projects or other important activities in other organisations?  Your staff will have useful professional skills, may already be DBS checked and are likely to know and understand the VCF, Health and Care sector in Surrey already and will be a really useful temporary addition to another organisation.

Or you may have seen demand increase or staff numbers drop due to illness or self-isolation.  You may be looking for a skilled volunteer with the right experience and knowledge, who can hit the ground running.

We want to connect staff with opportunities across the voluntary sector to make the best of our collective staffing resources.

If you would like to get involved with our Covid-19 staff exchange, please contact me with the following information so we can make a match as quickly as possible:

  • What spare staffing capacity do you have within your organisation currently?
  • What work would these staff be able to do for another organisation? (Be specific here about hours available, professional skills, ability to work with children or adults at risk, knowledge of local areas and buildings, ability to drive, deliver, or work online from home or work in a public building)
  • Is your organisation short of experienced staff to operate your essential work? What kind of staffing does your organisation need? (Again, be as specific as possible)
  • Do you have furloughed staff who would be willing to volunteer for a partner organisation?

If you have any other queries, please get in touch!

Nick Bragger
Head of Communities and Development
01483 447102
Email :