Here For You

SES Water’s ‘Here For You’ programme provides several payment support schemes to help those customers who may be struggling financially.

This includes:
• ‘Breathing Space’ – a payment pause scheme for customers facing life changes that have affected their income and who need time to adjust
• Water Support Scheme – a 50 per cent bill reduction that is funded through adding £6 to other customers’ annual bills
• WaterSure – a capped tariff for metered customers so they pay whichever bill is lower – the one based on their actual water use, or an average household bill
• WaterDirect – we may be able to arrange for payments to be deducted directly from a customer’s benefits so they never have to remember to pay a bill
We also have a Priority Services Register (PSR), which is free to join. It helps us look after customers who have health, access or extra communications needs and helps us tailor our services to support households who need extra help.

You can find out more information about the schemes above by visiting: 

Surrey Community Action’s Warmth Matters project advisors can also help provide advice on saving money on household bills, tackling utility debt and helping you to access the Priority Services Register if you’re having problems.

You can also find out how to save water and money, by completing the free GetWaterFit calculator on our website at:

The Environment Agency has classified the South East of England (and SES Water supply area) as being in serious water stress. Therefore we need to save water now to ensure there is enough for everyone in our area and enough left in the environment for healthy rivers and wildlife.

Simply enter your postcode and within a few minutes it will create a personalised dashboard for your home, with ideas on how to save water, energy and money. Once completed you can order free water saving devices, plus you may also qualify for a free leak repair with our partner SES Home Services.