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The Wheel of Care's main aim is to help anyone in West Horsley so as to ensure they do not become socially isolated and can get out and about to appointments or to meet up with friends. The Wheel is here to help anyone in need...irrespective of their age or financial situation. Nearly all of the help requested involves car journeys, normally with the “client” as a passenger but shopping and prescriptions can also be fetched for those not able to get out themselves and some small DIY jobs can be done. We think it is crucial that people who are perhaps living on their own and may be a little lonely have the opportunity to get out regularly and meet with friends for some companionship whilst at the same time taking part in some sort of activity. Anyone living in neighbouring villages can attend any of our three friendly clubs - they are not limited to those living in West Horsley. Help with transport to/from the clubs can also be arranged for those living in the Horsleys, Effingham or Ockham. All clubs include tea or coffee and biscuits or cakes so why not come along and have some fun at one...or all...of our clubs!

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