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Chiddingfold’s Good Neighbours’ Scheme is an existing network of nearly 100 Good Neighbours covering every house in the Parish. These Good Neighbours welcome newcomers to the village, provide a first point of contact for all residents and can advise on what help is available and where to get it. Alongside this existing support network, a central database is being maintained of over 80 additional local people who have volunteered to offer help to those residents in need of assistance during the pandemic. The sort of assistance that is offered includes help with shopping, picking up pre-ordered shopping, picking up prescriptions from the doctor or chemist, running errands, walking your dogs, chats on the phone, lawn mowing, essential gardening and other essential assistance, possibly including emergency house repairs. If you don’t know who your Good Neighbour is, you want help or assistance, or you would like to volunteer to help, please get in touch with us.

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