Surrey’s Voluntary Sector Covid-19 Impact and Resilience Report

Charities and community groups of all shapes and sizes are facing unprecedented challenges. Some have been able to respond to the challenges with new services and activities. Others have faced catastrophic drops in funding and are having to close services or worse.

Over the last few weeks, Surrey Community Action has carried out research to paint a clear picture of the short and medium term impact of Covid-19 on the VCFS, to inform discussion of what factors will influence the recovery of the sector, identify improvements to how the sector carries its critical services and what asks there are of funders, statutory partners and others. We have surveyed charities and not for profit groups, established and new, large and small from a variety of sectors to find out how they have been affected by COVID-19 and also about the predicted short and longer-term impacts.

The survey found that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant detrimental impact on Surrey’s voluntary, community and faith sector (VCFS), but has also revealed some positive developments that can be carried forwards once the pandemic has passed including new ways of working and delivering services, stronger partnerships and a surge of volunteers.

However, while VCFS organisations are focused on the current crisis, they expect a long and deep recession afterwards, with resulting increases in demand and long term reduction in income and capacity that will be a challenge for the organisations, statutory partners and those who rely on their services.

See the full results of our survey here.