Community Projects Fund Co-design Workshops

The Community Projects Fund (CPF) will support community-led projects aimed at improving people’s local area. It is much larger in scale than previous grant funds, so will help support projects that can make a real difference.

The CPF will provide £100m of capital funding over a five-year period – e.g. funding for building works, equipment, vehicles, green spaces, rather than revenue costs such as for the running costs of an organisation.

The Fund was already being developed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, however it will help support the recovery and rebuilding of local communities and groups that have been affected.

Co-design workshops

To ensure the Fund is accessible to all potential applicants and that communities can benefit there will be a number of co-design workshops.

These workshops will test the criteria and process for making bids to make sure they make sense. During the workshops participants will be taken through the application process to identify any parts that might not work or anything that can be streamlined or simplified. The workshops will also help us to understand any support bidders might need.

The workshops will be 90-minutes long, each with 4-5 participants, and conducted online through Zoom. For three of the workshops we’d like to identify representatives from a range of VCFS organisations.

Initial dates are:

Thursday 20th August 14:00 – 15:30

Monday 24th August 14:00 – 15:30

Tuesday 25th August 14:00 – 15:30

There is only room for a small number of organisations at this stage, so not everyone can be accommodated, but please contact James Painter if you would like to be involved – email