Charity Mash-Up 2023: Counting the Cost

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This workshop covered:

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Whether you are running a charity, employed by a charity, are a trustee or a volunteer, you can leverage LinkedIn to help your charity achieve its goals. In this workshop Allen covered:

• How to showcase your charity on your profile, whatever your role

• Using your personal profile to support your charity

• Exploiting LinkedIn pages for your charity

• How to get more visibility and traction on LinkedIn

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It is tricky to work out how to translate what you are going to do into how much it is going to cost; particularly now when things are tough, there are so many unknowns, and you can’t just rely on looking at last year’s numbers.  This introductory and practical session covered:

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The cost-of-living crisis is yet another challenge to a voluntary sector still reeling from Covid. Too many of us are having to spend our reserves to make sure we can maintain our valuable services, and too many of us are nonetheless having to make cuts to staff and services.

This workshop explored ways in which we can minimise the risk to our organisations, and consider ways we can mitigate the impacts of the crisis on our staff and volunteers.

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As agencies and charities, we are all working hard to meet local needs, by offering a wide range of support services to our clients. In the process, we frequently come across systemic issues – policies and practices that make life harder for people, in some cases keeping or even pushing them into poverty.

This workshop looked at how we can seek to influence or shape broader policies and practices for the benefit of our clients and the wider community, drawing on Good Company’s experience of running the East Surrey Poverty Truth Commission and other participatory ways of campaigning for local change.

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In this practical introduction to AI session, Emma shared essential know-how to get you starting to use AI with confidence,  demonstrating how it can speed up your charity communications, inspire creative ideas, and act as a handy assistant to streamline your tasks. Emma also shared the pitfalls and traps so you don’t get caught out.

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Ben Jowitt from the Charities Aid Foundation presented the Foundation’s latest cost of living research, which shows that charities have entered a protracted period of rising demand, increased costs and falling donation income.

CAF UK Giving Report 2022 extracts