Good Neighbours case study: Derina

Derina from Merstham became a client of Merstham Neighbours four years ago. Derina says: “I don’t really see anybody now as most of my friends have passed away and I don’t have any relatives. I’d be stuck at home on my own without a driver from Merstham Neighbours to take me out to my monthly coffee morning. Things get very difficult when you’re older and you’re on your own. It’s good to know that someone is there if I need to get out”

Anne is a volunteer driver for Merstham Neighbours and helps local people like Derina to get out and about. “I’m aware that my parents are very fortunate to have me nearby to help out but others, like Derina, don’t have that support” she says. “The beauty of the scheme is that you don’t have an onerous commitment. You can volunteer your time as a driver on an ad hoc basis.”

Becoming a volunteer driver is easy and volunteers can give as much or as little time as they choose, as well as decide the days and times during which they are available.

For more information about how to become a volunteer driver, contact Vicki Turton at Surrey Community Action on 01483 447121 or email [email protected]

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