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Facilitating and Networking

Monitor and evaluate your services to support funding bids and grant reports with our range of research services.

These include:

  • Questionnaire design, desk research and report writing
  • Survey administration including hosting of on-line surveys
  • In-depth stakeholder interviews and facilitation of focus groups
  • Design, management and running of public engagement and consultation events

We can also support your forums, workshops and events by providing trained, experienced facilitators. Having an external facilitator can make group meetings and events easier, particularly when the subject matter can be controversial or where there is conflict. A facilitator can act as a trusted and neutral outside voice, keeping discussion focused and allowing the group to reach a consensus.

Our facilitators will work with you in advance to understand the purpose and desired outcomes of your meeting, and then will support a group of people to help them have a discussion, come to agreement, or plan for the future.

For further details and to discuss your requirements, please contact Charlotte Morrison, Head of Communities and Development on 01483 447106 or by email.


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