Treasurer/Trustee – Mediation Surrey

Mediation Surrey is soon to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), set up with the purpose of helping the residents of Surrey to resolve disputes without needing to engage in legal action. This is done through our Community, Intergenerational and Support Coaching services. Thanks to grants from our local councils, housing associations and the police, these services can be offered free of charge to Surrey residents. We are looking for a Treasurer to join our committed team as a Board Member/Trustee of Mediation Surrey. The role is voluntary and reports to the Chairman. Mediation Surrey will employ a Director of Services to run its day to day operations, who will support the Treasurer.

Skills Required – A basic knowledge of accounting and IT skills (specifically Excel), together with ability to communicate effectively with the other members of the Mediation Surrey board.

Time Commitment – the post holder is advised that until completion of the Mediation Surrey project to bring together the Community Mediation services in Surrey with Alliance of Surrey Mediation Services (on target for 31 December 2019) there will be an estimated monthly requirement of approximately 10 hrs. Thereafter, this should drop to somewhere in the region of 7 hrs per month.

If you are interested in applying for this position please contact Chris Iley (Chair of Trustees)