As resources become scarcer, and the need for the sort of services Surrey’s VCFS offer becomes greater, then a mutually beneficial relationship between statutory and voluntary sector partners becomes ever more important. Surrey Community Action acts as advocates on behalf of the voluntary sector, ensuring that statutory bodies, private sector organisations and other stakeholders understand the role, values, skills and experience the voluntary sector brings, and how it can shape and support service design and delivery. Surrey Community Action represents the voluntary sector on a number of high profile groups, ensuring that your voice is heard – especially those organisations who lack the time to engage directly. In parallel, we seek to be the focal point for knowledge and understanding of the voluntary sector environment across Surrey, as we are able to collate, analyse, personalise and disseminate the information necessary to help the sector thrive in challenging times.

We also offer a ‘Sounding Board’ service to enable CEOs, leaders, managers, chairs and trustees to seek advice from our CEO Jason Gaskell to help with a challenge or concern.  Click here for more information.

Case Study:

Over several months, Surrey Community Action worked with Child and Adolescent Mental Health commissioners to look at how services were being delivered across Surrey. We were able to help maximise the role of the voluntary sector, put potential partners in touch with potential lead providers and advise voluntary sector groups on appropriate working relationships (eg confidentiality, exclusivity etc). The net result was a significantly greater role for Surrey’s voluntary sector being built into service design and delivery.

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