Warmth Matters

Do you know anyone:

Who may be struggling to understand their gas and electric bills?

Who will be worried about turning on their heating this winter because they just can’t afford it?

Who live in draughty or hard to heat homes?

We provide support and practical advice to help you stay warm, stay healthy and save money.

Email: davidcarter@surreyca.org.uk or call 07521 503 696 for more information if you need help yourself, or if you’re a professional who would like to make a referral.

Click here for our top energy saving tips.

New funding for our Warmth Matters Project!

Thanks to funding from UK Power Networks we are increasing the scope of our Warmth Matters project in the east of of the county. We will be working with partners to provide advice and information to help low-income households to help them to save energy, save money and access services they need.

This new funding will enable us to:

  • Provide advice sessions to households struggling with their energy bills
  • Launch four new energy clubs across the county
  • Attend fuel poverty and community events
  • Share resources to households in need of extra support

We will be helping with things like:

  • Explaining supplier and tariff options, including time of use awareness
  • Priority Service Register awareness and registration
  • The Warm Home Discount Scheme
  • Energy debts
  • Ways to keep bills down and save money
  • Support sessions for charities and community groups

Where can you find us?

Over the next 12 months our Warmth Matters Advisers, David and Caroline, will be at various locations across Surrey. Click on the Energy Clubs button on the right to find out where you can meet them.

Fuel Vouchers Scheme update

From July 2022 we will again be providing gas and electricity vouchers to help households across Surrey. Vouchers will be available to customers who have a pre-payment meter and are struggling to top-up their meters.

For more information and to apply for support you can contact our fuel voucher enquiry line on 07719 109 363 during the times below:
• Tuesdays between 1.30pm – 3.30pm
• Wednesdays from 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Note: Our fuel voucher enquiry line will only be available between July to September and only while we have available funds.

For more information about health and welfare support available in Surrey please visit:


Energy Saving and Fuel Vouchers Scheme in Guildford

Are you worried about rising energy prices and paying your gas and electricity bills this winter?

Do you live in Guildford Borough and are struggling to top up your  pre-payment gas or electricity meter?

If you live in the Guildford Borough Council area, you may qualify for fuel vouchers if you use a pre-payment meter. Contact the Community Wellbeing Team on 01483 444 150 for more information about the scheme.