Warmth Matters

Our Warmth Matters project will start again in the autumn. In the meantime help is available from our Money Matters project.

Do you know anyone:

Who may be struggling to understand their gas and electric bills?

Who will be worried about turning on their heating this winter because they just can’t afford it?

Whose children have health problems or trouble concentrating at school because they live in a cold home?

Who live in draughty or hard to heat homes?

We can run a free information session for the people you support to give them practical advice and independent guidance to help them stay warm, stay healthy and save money.

Click here for our top energy saving tips.

Warm Hubs

What is a Warm Hub?

Our ‘Warm Hub’ initiative aims to support local people who may be struggling to pay their energy bills, may be at risk of fuel poverty, or may be feeling lonely or isolated. By working together with local organisations we can help local people stay warm, stay healthy and save money.

A Warm Hub can be any community venue – a village hall, a community centre, a church, a parish room – which provides a warm and friendly environment for people to meet over refreshments and take part in activities. Each Warm Hub will provide information and support to help people stay warm at home, learn how to heat their homes more efficiently and reduce their energy bills.

As part of the project we are offering energy audits to the community buildings we work with, enabling us to introduce energy and money saving opportunities to local community buildings as well as the local people they support!

We also offer Money Matters advice sessions to help people with day to day budgeting and how to make personal and family finances go further.

For more information, please contact David Carter on 07521 503696
or email davidcarter@surreyca.org.uk