meeting with members of the community.

Working together in Surrey

Surrey Community Action is a countywide independent charity which supports voluntary and not-for-profit groups with advice and services to help them to operate more effectively. We also run a range of projects to give local communities a helping hand.

Did you know?

voluntary good neighbour schemes supported in Surrey
enquiries handled by our Community Buildings Adviser
years of dedicated community service since our formation in 1950
DBS checks completed last year

Latest Updates


I simply cannot tell you how grateful I am and my fellow Trustees that we can reach out and ask for help and then get such extremely detailed replies.
Community building trustee
Community buildings advice
It is a relief for me to be able to refer GRT families to someone to support non-education issues. I have absolute confidence that you will do your best for the families and help them to improve their situation.
GRT nurse
GRT support
Thank you so much for all you have done for us in the community. Your support has been invaluable and a much needed help and kindness when everything else seems to be going awry.
Warmth Matters client
Energy saving advice
We are delighted with the precise service and value for money the team offer. The prompt, reliable and friendly support is highly recommended.
Parish Council Clerk
Payroll support
As the spider in the centre of the voluntary sector web, Surrey Community Action is one of my ‘go to’ organisations when I need a helping hand.
Charity CEO
Strategic support

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